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Performance Driver Track Day @ CAT - April 2022

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Further to the thread created for an event at CAT in October here, I have started this thread so that those interested in attending a Performance Driver Track Day in April next year can post up or ask any questions, including those that may have done it before.

Please note that these events are for MEMBERS ONLY as CAT discount the prices for our club. So if you are a non-member and are interested, please PM Chilli Red (Club Secretary) to find out how to become a member. I would add that the benefits of membership go way beyond these driving events of course.

If you'd like to know a little more about what the day would involve, the thread with our recent feedback/pics is here and the overvew of the day from CAT is below:

There is access to the 5 unique circuits at the renowned Millbrook Proving Ground, a venue that is not normally accessible for 'track days' and the general public.

Activities designed for the different circuits are:

• Learn threshold braking from high speed on the Mile Straight

• High speed driving, potentially to the maximum of your car, on the banked circuit of the High Speed Circuit

• Drive the demanding Alpine Route circuit with its hills, and variety of corners from hairpins to long and sweeping

• Take on the tight, twisty and challenging Handling Circuit

• Put your car through its paces on the open spaces of the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron

An instructor will accompany you on all the circuits, and the objective is to teach you how to get the best from your car and develop your performance driving skills in a controlled environment and at a pace you are comfortable with. Short presentations in vehicle dynamics will help you to understand the relationship between driver input and vehicle balance and control. From this comes the appreciation of how to safely drive your vehicle at grip limit within the controlled confines of a track environment. At the end of the day, your new found skills can be put to the test in a timed shoot out around a gymkhana-style course laid out on the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron.

I'll list those that post up or PM me as interested below (please note that it is a maximum of 6 Members on a first come, first serve basis:

1) Budbongo







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