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I've acquired a cat...

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No I've not touched the exhaust - this little b****** seems to have taken a liking to my roof and didn't seem too bothered when I knocked on the window. That soon changed...


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  • ChasGFL changed the title to I've acquired a cat...

Those little cat hairs are a bugger to get out too, it’s pretty though 😂 

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17 hours ago, milanored said:

Did it leave all the dirt over your car mate

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I know you won't believe me as I'm having a job convincing myself as I type, but a lot of the dirt you can see in that pic is actually on the window not the car. It won't come as any surprise to learn I hate cleaning windows too...

And yes it did leave muddy paw prints and a load of fur all over the roof and windscreen and bonnet. I'll leave it on there for you all to see next time we meet up...

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