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Adrian Flux

An 'all welcome' car meet 1st Sunday of each month near Ashford (Kent)

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I don't think many people live around my way but there is a regular car meet - 1st Sunday of each month - at Evegate Business Park (about 10 mins from Ashford, Kent).

You don't need to commit to going - just turn up and see who else has.  I've only been to 1 so far but there is a huge range of cars from classics, to modifieds, to Japanese, to American, to some Ferrari things, to just about anything and everything.  The next time I go I'll try take some pics.

It's a very chilled event and The Dog House pub opens early to serve food (and beer if you're the passenger!)

If anyone is local or fancies a Sunday morning drive out then let me know and I'll bring a Z along :)

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'A standard limited edition Yellow 370Z* with a plethora of minor bespoke mods'

*one of 40 don't you know!




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