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Hi there Guys

I have a 2010 G37 convertible and am having trouble resetting the TPMS on my car. I've had a diagnosis machine tell me I need a reset activator tool. Does anyone know what this is or how I can switch the tpms warning light off.

Thanks for any help and advice available. 

Any G37 convertible owner meetings in UK. 


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just in case it helps, I recently found out that the TPMS on a 370Z only resets after running at over 15mph, not just by putting air in the tyre…

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I had this on my Infiniti, I kept doing the pressures, but couldn’t get the light off.  My issue was more the Alloygators I have in the wheels.  Once removed I had no more issue. I was loosing pressure in small amounts on a regular basis.   Other than that, I do know it doesn’t instantly go off and can take a few miles sometimes.  

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