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Adrian Flux

370Z sat nav GPS issue.

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Hi everyone,  I've today on returning home, my sat nav decided to change my existing on route GPS location to South Wales heading back on route the M5 toward Bristol. When returning to my home address it was still telling me my home location was South Wales. Has anyone else had this problem and if so been able to sort it out ? I've tried resetting my home location as it does show this on the map in the address book, but will still only show home location as South Wales which is very annoying, as I cannot set a route from my home address now.

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How very odd! Not had that issue personally, see what anyone else thinks when they surface from their pits 

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Not a fault I’ve ever come across either - sorry!

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Connect Premium model?

If so, have you done SETTINGS>NAVIGATION> then delete the 3 aspects you can delete, plus reset to default?

Also, it crossed my mind that disconnecting/reconnecting the car battery might do something? Of course, if you do that you'll have to perform a window reset on both windows.

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If you need to, you can go into the 'hidden' system menu and perform a factory reset for the Nav.  Hopefully it won't come to that because you'll lose all your address book and previous destinations.

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This is probably not relevant but have you added any wired accessories to the car? 

I added front and rear dashcams and when the rear is powered up my actual position on the satnav map is wrong. It seems the camera wiring was interfering with the satnav's GPS aerial.

A couple of ferrite cores on the rear camera cable has cured the problem.

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