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Paper cars made fun! Xmas Therapy for the GT-R Owners.


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Paper cars made fun!

December 20, 2021

A creative winter vacation with Nissan

As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, we hope you’re all wrapping up warm and staying healthy. In this latest Nissan Story, we would like to introduce a special winter holiday project: Nissan paper crafts. This project allows you to make and decorate a scale-size paper model of popular Nissan cars. It’s a creative and fulfilling way to spend time at home this winter!

These paper crafts may look simple, but the process of cutting out and putting the car together poses some fun challenges. We suggest you use slightly thicker paper and quick-drying adhesive (such as wood glue) for the best, most impressive results. Try it yourself or with your kids. We’re sure that, once you get started, you won’t be able to stop!

Here at Nissan, we wish you all a wonderful winter vacation. Please drive safely.

Look out for upcoming Nissan Stories in the New Year!

Choose models below to download.


Want to try more? Click here for INFINITI models!


Paper craft instruction manual
Ariya, LEAF, Kicks, Roox, Note, Elgrand

Items needed:
● Blank paper/card (if using paper, the thicker the better)
● Glue (quick-drying varieties, such as wood glue, are recommended)
● Scissors
● Stanley knife / box cutter
● Ruler


How to make it:
1. Cut parts by carefully following the bold cutting lines.
2. Place a ruler along the fold lines – ie. the “mountain fold” or the “valley fold” – and fold carefully.
3. Apply glue to the margins where indicated, moving in sequential order, following the arrow directions.
4. Your paper craft car is ready to go once the wing mirrors are attached.



Items needed:
● Blank paper (the thicker the better)
● Glue (quick-drying varieties recommended)
● Scissors
● Stanley knife/ box cutter
● Ruler
● Pencil
● Tweezers
● Toothpicks
● Used ball-point pen or stylus (anything with a thin, pointed end)


How to make it:
1. Before cutting out the parts, mark each part’s number on its back using pen or pencil.
2. Place a ruler along the folding lines and trace using the ball point pen/ stylus.
3. Cut out the parts for assembly, carefully following the cutting lines.
4. Reading each description closely, carefully assemble the parts in sequential order from (1) to (8).
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Fred I - 350Z 2007 Gunmetal. 6 CD changer, full leather, reverse sensors. SOLD.
Fred II - 370Z GT 2011 Gunmetal. Premium connect. GT spec. Seriously un-modified. See-through windows, and a wheel at each corner. Sold 13 July 14. Gone.
Fred III - 2014 facelift 370GT. Magma red. Reversing sensors. Invidia Gemini CBE. Sold 2 April 2016.
Fred IV - 2016 Daytona Blue 370Z GT. Reversing sensors. K & N panel filters. Invidia Gemini CBE. Full front wrap - Ventureshield II.
Billy – 2022 Jaguar F-Type R 575PS. Portofino blue. Front ppf and full ceramic finish.

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This has got to bring out the competitive spirit in some - who's brave enough to give it a go and post a picture of your results?



2011 Gunmetal Nissan GTR Premium Edition - Litchfield Stage 1, Miltek Y-Pipe, Alcon Discs, Ferodo DS2050 Pads, Flat bottomed steering wheel
2016 Sepang Blue Audi RS3 - APR Stage 1 tune with High Flow air filter and Secondary Decat Pipes - I'LL MISS THE POPS AND BANGS (BUT THE NEIGHBOURS WON'T)
2012 Pearl White 370Z GT Edition - Invidia Gemini catback exhaust with burnt titanium rolled tips, Stillen Gen 3 Intake Kit, UpRev, 15mm Eibach spacers, Satin Black painted bumpers - GONE TO A NEW OWNER WITHIN THE CLUB BUT WILL BE VERY FONDLY REMEMBERED.
2005 Gun Metal 350Z GT, Alezan Leather & plenty of mods - GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

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