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Adrian Flux

Video: Nissan Sports Car Programme Director's 370Z Nismo (and a visit to the GTR Heritage Centre)

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It's been a while, I've just been very busy! But, I thought you'd all enjoy this...
Bob Laishley was the Programme Director for Nissan Sports Cars for many years. I met him thanks to Paul from this very forum introducing us a few years ago...

Bob helped bring the Nissan 370Z, R35 GT-R, GT-R50 and Z35 Z-Proto to us Nissan fans. I join him on a journey of rediscovering his first Nissan 370Z Nismo company car, a Litchfield Nissan 370Z Nismo with some specific Nismo upgrades. We drive up to collect the car from The GTR Heritage Centre, where it was being prepared for sale...

Bob tells us his 370Z's history, I tour the GTR Heritage Centre – where there's some of THE rarest Japanese import & tuner cars in the UK. Then, Bob takes me for a drive, tells me why this 370Z is special and shares his thoughts on the new Z35 – the 2023 Nissan Z (some call it the 400Z) – based on the Z-Proto, his last project at Nissan before he retired.


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Hi Ant, thanks for uploading this. Lunchtime in a few mins, I'll watch it!

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2017 (67) 370Z NISMO - Ecutek - Cobra HFCs - HKS filters -  Japan Racing 15mm spacers all round - roof wrapped in Avery Dennison "Gloss Burgundy" - heavy tint rear screen - "Z" burgers - Crappy Potenzas That Won't Wear Out! 🙄

2020 SEAT Ateca FR Black Edition /  2015 French C1 Thingy /  2016  Aygo (a 50% Japanese fleet!) :)

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