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Welcome to the new site lads and lasses :bangin: :yahoo:


As you can see one of the changes is that there are specific regional forums ....... there are many reasons for this but possibly the most important is that this is the one area of this site where you can safely refer to that circular road feature as an island rather than a roundabout ......... god bless the Midlands ....... can anyone play a banjo :teeth: :dance:


The other, much less important reason, is so that we can arrange get togethers, drive outs and chav style convoys to national meets to suit ourselves ........ without having to mix it up with the rest of the riff raff :wub: :lol: as well as yak about the state of the M42, where the speed cameras are and which dealerships in the local area are giving away the best freebie (yeah right ho !)


So to start with, while you're looking through other more interesting drivel and chat, saying hallo to old friends, making new ones and taking the mickey out of the usual suspects ........ please spare a moment to bang a quick post on this thread to say hi to the Midlands Massive; Keepin' it real in the larger & balti belt.


Cheers all,


Tango coloured 350z - for sale HERE

Supra 3ltr NA - our only fun car

Honda VFR 800Fi - at least I wont JUST be buying diesel from now on

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Mark, Chubbs, and you, have done an intro, does that mean I should :teeth:


Oh well, maybe 2moro :bangin:

if I wanted to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet, I'd put shoes on my cat......


2004... Inaugural 350zuk.com Meet, RWYB York Raceway, Lunch at the Ransom, The Manor x3


2005... NW Dyno Day, Lake District Drive, Goodwood, Le Mans, JAE, Tuner GP, Jap Performance Show, Midlands Gumball, D1 Corp @ Silverstone, Track Day @ Bruntingthorpe, Irish Meet, Fiddle & Curry, Ace Cafe, The Manor x11


2006... The Manor x4, North West Dyno Day, Buntingford Classic Car Show, The National


2007... ProDrift @ Mondello Park, (Nr) Dublin, The National



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Pete from Scunthorpe, if scunny is classed as "midlands"??


I will be attending several meets throughout the year.....cant wait

Sunset GT; 18" Rays; Z Sill Protectors; Nikken Racing Pedal Set; HKS Racing Suction Kit; HKS Oil Cap; HKS Rad Cap; Carbon Fibre Engine Cover; Varis Carbon Door Pillar Covers, Greddy Carbon Air Diversion Plate, Greddy Intelligent Informeter, DC Sports True Dual Exhaust System.


Click Here for G-Spec Website. Telephone 01724 875486. Facsimile 01724 875100

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Hiya chaps ...... just got back from Devon today ..... nice to see you all here and for those who haven't already; get posting B)


If anyone has ideas on what they'd like to get up to during the next twelve months, start floating those ideas B) I'm sure ventures into the northwest and southwest will be on the cards; and for those who like a tot of the black stuff ..... the ferry iver the irish sea beckons !!!!!!!! On top of all that there's bound to be a couple of opportunities to get dropped like a ton of bricks by some TT Supra's ........ unless anyone's packing some extra hp they're not admitting too yet B) B)


Anyway ..... now that we're live, welcome all and I hope we can get together soonish to put faces to avatars again :doh:

Tango coloured 350z - for sale HERE

Supra 3ltr NA - our only fun car

Honda VFR 800Fi - at least I wont JUST be buying diesel from now on

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Another Derbyshire here, we've got some great roads!

Blade GT with Rays - born 12/12/2003

Colour Coded Mud Guards All Round,

JWT Pop Charger,

Clear Bumper Reflectors,


Spills Grounding Kit,

Red Stuff All Round,

Stubby Aerial,

Courtesy Zed Badges,

TomTom Docking Kit on a Dashmount bracket,

TomTom 500 with PocketGPS Camera Database

Zed Mats All Round.

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